Emily Kelton web developer
Thinkful frontend developer grad
AA in Graphic Design
BA in English
Award-winning Photographer
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Web Developer
Graphic Designer
Mom to Max & Zoe
Transplanted Texan
20+ years Seattlite
JavaScript / jQuery / AJAX
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Lightroom
Sublime Text
Chrome Developer Tools
Git / GitHub

I love design. I love coding. I love the web.
I want to help you bring your vision to the web. I have an eye for clean design and UX. I've spent the last year immersed in learning front end web development, both through Thinkful.com and a certification program locally. I'm looking for a Jr. Web Developer position to help hone my skills further.

When I'm not coding, I like to tinker with my Arduino, play board games with my kids, knit, and read.


GIF Palace thumbnail


Pinterest-like app for GIFS. Built with Ruby on Rails. User authentication, file uploads, AWS integration.

< github > < demo >
list app thumbnail

Get Sh!t Done

This is a to-do app built with jquery.

< github > < demo >
petitions thumbnail

Find Your Voice

Uses AJAX calls to query the White House petition site for active petitions.

< github > < demo >
quiz app thumbnail

Word Quiz

Test your knowledge of obscure words.

< github > < demo >
reputation builder thumbnail

Stack Overflow Reputation Builder

Helps you find questions to answer to build your rep!

< github > < demo >
minecraft site

Minecraft Server Site

Built for my son's Minecraft server. Gallery is all CSS, no jQuery.

< github > < demo >
streetfighter page


Simple site to learn jQuery

< github > < demo >
javascript evaluator thumbnail

JavaScript Expression Evaluator

Simple JavaScript expression evaluator.

< github > < demo >
hot or cold game thumbnail

Hot or Cold Game

Simple JavaScript guessing game.

< github > < demo >